The Journey Continues…

Seeing how much I have developed from the beginning of the first semester to now is simply unbelievable. I had been quite Luke-warm about the design thinking class simply because I didn’t know just what to expect and I tend to not do well with the unknown. However, going through it, I have grown to love each and every level of growth, embracing and learning from the mistakes as I go along.


img_5439What a diverse mix of people. Learning something new each week from this amazing bunch has been quite the journey. listening to peoples ideas, their opinions and simply having to get someones perspective on my personal ideas is priceless. Being able to work in a different group each time for instance when we did the body storming, or were put in groups to practice empathy from a customer and service provider point of view, to doing our presentations on our products, it all has made this worth it.



img_5503I wouldn’t have chosen a better team of people to work with. All opinionated, all fun and definitely all stylish. (At least that’s one thing we shared in common from the word ‘go’). The beauty about working with my team, Ghalia, Edwin & Al is that they are all driven, or creative In their own right and all self motivated so getting work things sone has been quite a breeze, even when we need to improvise. Our Tasca bag has evolved from just a product to ‘our baby’ something we are all working towards to bring to life. I have learnt how to work as part of a team, but still taking lead where necessary and most importantly improved my ability to work at certain time constraints. I simply cannot wait to see what the next semester holds.

And so, the Journey continues…


P/S: The lovely Ghalia is missing from out team photo 🙂






Proudly Odyssey!


After a hectic semester and the holidays, we still had to bring our heads together and discuss the feedback we received from the dragon’s den. Because we were all in different locations for the holidays, we settled for a conference call over the phone.

photo-2018-11-22-12-42-05 2In our meeting, we revisited our design concept and its practicality, taking into consideration the feedback we received. Design wise, we received quite positive feedback and hence decided not to make any changes to our design. However, we intend on doing further research on the price point of our bag following an in-depth research on our target market and a broad description of who our first customer will be. Our initial price point was set at £120 per unit.

Another important point raised by the dragons included taking into consideration ways to protect our style and technology by getting an IP and checking to ensure our product name ‘Tasca’ is not trading on the market. We have looked into the latter and found it has not been registered yet and we are currently looking into the IP.

The size of the bag however was questioned by our male audience as concerns that it might be too bulky arose as men tend to want a product small enough to fit their jacket or trousers pockets as opposed to something bulky that they have to carry around. This is something we will look into as we move forward.

And most importantly was the issue to do with health concerns as the bag would be help close to the body at most times based on the design. This too is something we will look into and address in our next meeting.

Our agenda moving forward is speaking to suppliers in order to have a clear cost breakdown that will go into the production of the bag and this will in turn help make the pricing a lot easier. We also aim to look into the wireless charging facility and speak to several providers.


Despite having some tension once in a while over what path to take in our venture, it has been an experience working with people with completely different opinions and having to compromise in some situations. Because I am quite strong willed and usually want things to go my way or the high way, it was a challenge having to give up what I feel ‘is right’ because no one else in the group thinks so. But in the end, we always seem to come back together in order to achieve a common goal. I am learning to appreciate other people’s views mores and learn more about things from someone else’s’ perspective. This semester, I aim to say less of, Yes, But?… and more of Why? In order to just learn more.


After the body mapping, we had in class when we tried to see how accessible the Kingston Business School was, we were tasked to do the same for our upcoming product.

This was exciting!

We got to dramatize our presentation to try and communicate to the audience the practicality and need for our product in the market.

Our storyline was quite practical, A lady new to London lands a job interview. On the day she wakes up in good time, puts the address in her google maps, and makes sure she leaves 30 minutes earlier than the advised time on google maps. Halfway through the trip, her cell phone battery drains and with nowhere to charge it, cannot find her way to the interview. Eventually she decides to go back home and calls the office only to be told she cannot be rescheduled as time management is something they take seriously.

In a nutshell, if the lady had herself a ‘Tasca’ (Our product) she would have completely avoided this situation altogether. We have all been in situations where our phones die in the middle of something import like a conference call, in the middle of a work out, while in transit etc. Acting this out places the audience in a position where they remember a situation where they had a similar experience and hence heightens there understanding of the need for the product.



26thOctober 2018

“Bodystorming is a unique method that spans empathy work, ideation, and prototyping”.

It was exciting using Body storming as a way to become empathetic about a client or customer. In this case, we had to see how accessible the university was for people in wheelchairs. And thereafter, try and redesign the university business school building in the way that would make it more convenient.

To do this, we were put in groups and one individual in the group was to sit in a chair with wheels and push themselves to the downstairs cafeteria, get a coffee and return and the rest of the group and to observe the ease or difficulty of this task.


The first concern was the weight of the doors and the fact that one has to open the door, push it and try to get through the door before it starts to shut right back, which happens in seconds, this was very impractical. Edwin, who was the one in the chair, has to go through at least four of these heavy doors before getting to the elevator, and then another 2 before he got to the cafeteria which had the counter placed too high for one to reach to perhaps stir his coffee or reach for some sugars. And then go through the same process back to the class. This took close to 10 minutes. It was an exhausting experience to watch and could only imagine what it should feel like for someone that has to do this each day.

We then went back to the class and tried to find ways of making it more accessible for instance having sliding doors in the classrooms and hallway and at least having a coffee machine on each floor to make it easier.

This experience was eye opening as it put me in the user’s shoes and helped me think of the users’ needs from there perspectives and that sometimes you might have a good idea but if you are not solving any problem, chances are it might not be successful but if your business idea solves a problem, regardless of any economic condition, your business is likely to stay strong as the problem will not go away with a stumbling economy.



Friday 7th December

Last week Friday was a great milestone for our group Odyssey. We had the opportunity to pitch our idea to the Dragons in our mock Dragons Den and got very constructive feedback on our market research, IP processes, Our costing and it’s  advantage over our competitors, possible collaborations with existing brands, our product name TASCA; and ensuring it is not already trading, health issues associated with TASCA and many more. We have scheduled a conference call  for the 20th December in-order to analyse the feedback and plan our way forward.

It’s very exciting to see how we are growing as a team, and are all driven to achieve our common goal. In our next meeting, we aim to touch on final product design, in order to be able to create a virtual prototype that we can send to manufacturers both locally and in Asia and get an exact quotation on cost of production per unit in both countries and later decide which option will be more efficient and cost effective. 

I am excited to see our idea come into reality!

Idea Generation

Friday 26th October


On this day, we met as a group for the first time in order to brainstorm the various product/service choices that we could go for. As a way to have more quantity than quality we decided to each have at least 2/3 ideas each and that we would pick the best two and reframe where necessary. We presented various ideas between us including a mobile virtual bodyguard, a health App, a healthy eating lunchbox, a students recipe book/app by students for students, a wireless charging back pack which we all unanimously agreed to look into further.

However, as we looked into it, we realised there was an identical product on the market, despite being quite high priced. After our initial 2 Minutes pitch, we gathered some feedback from the rest of the classmates and the course tutor who were concerned about the practicality of a back pack and how it would limit our market. Back at the drawing board, we decided to use personal experiences in defining the problem that our product would solve. Some experiences included a discharged phone during a shopping trip, during a night out, while using the phone for directions etc. And hence decided to centre it on providing an on the go, stylish mini bag that would offer the wireless charging facility and hold basic essentials e.g keys, lipstick, cards etc, and called it TASCA which stands for “Pocket”in Italian.

Designer. Maker. User

Figure 1.0  Location: The Design Museum. Photo by: Tadu Nyasulu

Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is HOW IT WORKS!

Steve Jobs

Two weeks ago, it was a complete pleasure to visit the Design museum to experience first hand the ability to see an idea or concept from three different perspectives; The Designer, The maker and The user and evaluating how all three perspectives depend on each other and how they can be used interchangeably. For instance how the user can influence what is to be designed and how the designer needs to have the maker in mind in-order to ensure practicality or simply how the maker needs to understand the designers vision during creation of the product or service.

I got the chance to see how various inventions came into place. (refer to Picture 1.0 below) as well as how technological and cultural advances have influenced various inventions (Refer to Picture 1.1 below). Looking at how things were done in the past and how they have changed made me think through how things will be in the next generation. It was both exciting and scary at the same time to see how technology and Artificial intelligence is gradually replacing/substituting humanity. 

Figure 1.2 Product evolution. Location: The Design Museum. Photo by: Tadu Nyasulu

Figure 1.3 Product evolution. Location: The Design Museum. Photo by: Tadu Nyasulu

This trip completely changed my perception of museums and helped me overcome the stereotype of museums being generally “boring”. It was exciting to see how products have evolved and how innovation has been a driver of this, but simultaneously, this experience left me questioning; if the human race have become this dependent on technology, and the increasing use of artificial intelligence in hospitals, schools, banks, airports, homes and generally day to day activities, where does that leave the working man/woman whose service or expertise is no longer substantial? Is anyone’s job safe? And how do these technological advances impact the economy in the long run? 

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.                             Tom Freston

Continue reading “Designer. Maker. User”


IMG_4349Photo by: Tadu Nyasulu Kingston Upon Thames riverside  27/09/2018

My greatest fear in life has always been growing up to realize I didn’t live my  life to my fullest potential. Because of this, I tend to over think every little choice I make and constantly find myself stuck at a certain stage in my constant struggle to weigh what holds more substance; what the world will say about me once my time on earth is up or what I think of myself and my belief that I truly can accomplish anything that i set my mind on.
In the past year I have gone through a journey of self discovery, I let myself live beyond my confined little world and nurtured my passions. I refused to go through life regretting the chances I didn’t take, or wondering ‘what if’. It’s through this that I found my undeniable love for not only thinking of idea’s that lit up a fire inside me but also developing and writing and rewriting those ideas based on new information I gathered, time changes, experiences e.t.c, a concept that  I  have learnt could be referred to as “REFRAMING”.
Earlier in the year, I spent 3 months working with various local NGO’s and assisting them in idea development in sustainable income generation in order to re-Invest the income in the organizations operations. My duties were mainly refining their idea, developing the idea, figuring out suitable growth strategies, drawing up the business plan and finally pitching to investors and potential partners. By the time the program was completed, I knew then that is how I wanted to spend my life.
Despite being two weeks late on my course, I maintained an open mind and attended my first lecture in design thinking. I have always had trouble in coming up with ideas beyond my areas of interest (mostly fashion and retail), and spent the first hour in the lecture dreading how I would sit through the class  that seemed to be based on my greatest weakness for an entire year. However as we progressed, one of the MACE students (will eventually insert his name here ) went forward to present a reframed ‘gift giving experience’. He presented four great innovative ideas, but one stood out from the rest and I found myself unconsciously thinking up variations to his idea that could improve it to make it more effective and innovative.
It was such an exciting realization, that even though I might not be able have the creativity to think up the worlds most innovative/creative ideas, I have the ability to use the reframing process to redefine another member/client/colleagues idea.
In that session I attended, I found a solution to a weakness I never thought I needed to work on. a realization that my greatest weakness could be someone else’ strength and vice versa.
I am excited to go through this journey of rebranding and reframing myself from what I learn through this module and most especially go through it with an inspiring, diverse and creative group.
Chapter 1 completed. I am ready to go through this new chapter in my life.

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