IMG_4349Photo by: Tadu Nyasulu Kingston Upon Thames riverside  27/09/2018

My greatest fear in life has always been growing up to realize I didn’t live my  life to my fullest potential. Because of this, I tend to over think every little choice I make and constantly find myself stuck at a certain stage in my constant struggle to weigh what holds more substance; what the world will say about me once my time on earth is up or what I think of myself and my belief that I truly can accomplish anything that i set my mind on.
In the past year I have gone through a journey of self discovery, I let myself live beyond my confined little world and nurtured my passions. I refused to go through life regretting the chances I didn’t take, or wondering ‘what if’. It’s through this that I found my undeniable love for not only thinking of idea’s that lit up a fire inside me but also developing and writing and rewriting those ideas based on new information I gathered, time changes, experiences e.t.c, a concept that  I  have learnt could be referred to as “REFRAMING”.
Earlier in the year, I spent 3 months working with various local NGO’s and assisting them in idea development in sustainable income generation in order to re-Invest the income in the organizations operations. My duties were mainly refining their idea, developing the idea, figuring out suitable growth strategies, drawing up the business plan and finally pitching to investors and potential partners. By the time the program was completed, I knew then that is how I wanted to spend my life.
Despite being two weeks late on my course, I maintained an open mind and attended my first lecture in design thinking. I have always had trouble in coming up with ideas beyond my areas of interest (mostly fashion and retail), and spent the first hour in the lecture dreading how I would sit through the class  that seemed to be based on my greatest weakness for an entire year. However as we progressed, one of the MACE students (will eventually insert his name here ) went forward to present a reframed ‘gift giving experience’. He presented four great innovative ideas, but one stood out from the rest and I found myself unconsciously thinking up variations to his idea that could improve it to make it more effective and innovative.
It was such an exciting realization, that even though I might not be able have the creativity to think up the worlds most innovative/creative ideas, I have the ability to use the reframing process to redefine another member/client/colleagues idea.
In that session I attended, I found a solution to a weakness I never thought I needed to work on. a realization that my greatest weakness could be someone else’ strength and vice versa.
I am excited to go through this journey of rebranding and reframing myself from what I learn through this module and most especially go through it with an inspiring, diverse and creative group.
Chapter 1 completed. I am ready to go through this new chapter in my life.

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