Idea Generation

Friday 26th October


On this day, we met as a group for the first time in order to brainstorm the various product/service choices that we could go for. As a way to have more quantity than quality we decided to each have at least 2/3 ideas each and that we would pick the best two and reframe where necessary. We presented various ideas between us including a mobile virtual bodyguard, a health App, a healthy eating lunchbox, a students recipe book/app by students for students, a wireless charging back pack which we all unanimously agreed to look into further.

However, as we looked into it, we realised there was an identical product on the market, despite being quite high priced. After our initial 2 Minutes pitch, we gathered some feedback from the rest of the classmates and the course tutor who were concerned about the practicality of a back pack and how it would limit our market. Back at the drawing board, we decided to use personal experiences in defining the problem that our product would solve. Some experiences included a discharged phone during a shopping trip, during a night out, while using the phone for directions etc. And hence decided to centre it on providing an on the go, stylish mini bag that would offer the wireless charging facility and hold basic essentials e.g keys, lipstick, cards etc, and called it TASCA which stands for “Pocket”in Italian.


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