26thOctober 2018

“Bodystorming is a unique method that spans empathy work, ideation, and prototyping”.

It was exciting using Body storming as a way to become empathetic about a client or customer. In this case, we had to see how accessible the university was for people in wheelchairs. And thereafter, try and redesign the university business school building in the way that would make it more convenient.

To do this, we were put in groups and one individual in the group was to sit in a chair with wheels and push themselves to the downstairs cafeteria, get a coffee and return and the rest of the group and to observe the ease or difficulty of this task.


The first concern was the weight of the doors and the fact that one has to open the door, push it and try to get through the door before it starts to shut right back, which happens in seconds, this was very impractical. Edwin, who was the one in the chair, has to go through at least four of these heavy doors before getting to the elevator, and then another 2 before he got to the cafeteria which had the counter placed too high for one to reach to perhaps stir his coffee or reach for some sugars. And then go through the same process back to the class. This took close to 10 minutes. It was an exhausting experience to watch and could only imagine what it should feel like for someone that has to do this each day.

We then went back to the class and tried to find ways of making it more accessible for instance having sliding doors in the classrooms and hallway and at least having a coffee machine on each floor to make it easier.

This experience was eye opening as it put me in the user’s shoes and helped me think of the users’ needs from there perspectives and that sometimes you might have a good idea but if you are not solving any problem, chances are it might not be successful but if your business idea solves a problem, regardless of any economic condition, your business is likely to stay strong as the problem will not go away with a stumbling economy.


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