After the body mapping, we had in class when we tried to see how accessible the Kingston Business School was, we were tasked to do the same for our upcoming product.

This was exciting!

We got to dramatize our presentation to try and communicate to the audience the practicality and need for our product in the market.

Our storyline was quite practical, A lady new to London lands a job interview. On the day she wakes up in good time, puts the address in her google maps, and makes sure she leaves 30 minutes earlier than the advised time on google maps. Halfway through the trip, her cell phone battery drains and with nowhere to charge it, cannot find her way to the interview. Eventually she decides to go back home and calls the office only to be told she cannot be rescheduled as time management is something they take seriously.

In a nutshell, if the lady had herself a ‘Tasca’ (Our product) she would have completely avoided this situation altogether. We have all been in situations where our phones die in the middle of something import like a conference call, in the middle of a work out, while in transit etc. Acting this out places the audience in a position where they remember a situation where they had a similar experience and hence heightens there understanding of the need for the product.


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