The Journey Continues…

Seeing how much I have developed from the beginning of the first semester to now is simply unbelievable. I had been quite Luke-warm about the design thinking class simply because I didn’t know just what to expect and I tend to not do well with the unknown. However, going through it, I have grown to love each and every level of growth, embracing and learning from the mistakes as I go along.


img_5439What a diverse mix of people. Learning something new each week from this amazing bunch has been quite the journey. listening to peoples ideas, their opinions and simply having to get someones perspective on my personal ideas is priceless. Being able to work in a different group each time for instance when we did the body storming, or were put in groups to practice empathy from a customer and service provider point of view, to doing our presentations on our products, it all has made this worth it.



img_5503I wouldn’t have chosen a better team of people to work with. All opinionated, all fun and definitely all stylish. (At least that’s one thing we shared in common from the word ‘go’). The beauty about working with my team, Ghalia, Edwin & Al is that they are all driven, or creative In their own right and all self motivated so getting work things sone has been quite a breeze, even when we need to improvise. Our Tasca bag has evolved from just a product to ‘our baby’ something we are all working towards to bring to life. I have learnt how to work as part of a team, but still taking lead where necessary and most importantly improved my ability to work at certain time constraints. I simply cannot wait to see what the next semester holds.

And so, the Journey continues…


P/S: The lovely Ghalia is missing from out team photo 🙂






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